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Olive Biomass Briquette for Heating

High heat, high density, RUF briquettes

Biomass briquettes are natural and ecological firewood alternatives made of entirely natural, 100% sustainable biomass materials. Each briquette is produced using a high quality RUF briquetting press that compresses the dry olive biomass under intense pressure with no chemicals or binders into a handy briquette shape. Olive Biomass heating briquettes provide a clean and hot fire and long conbustion time.

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fire, heating, biomass, biomass briquettes, biomass charcoal, charcoal briquetteHigh Calorific Value: 5.2 -5.55 KWh/kg
natural charcoal briquetteHigh Energy Output: 19-20 KJ/ Kg
natural charcoal briquetteHigh Energy Density
natural charcoal briquetteOvernight Burn: long burning time
natural charcoal briquetteSteady Burning: uniform shape
natural charcoal briquetteLow Ash and Moisture


Olive Biomass Briquette Details


1. Product Description

Hot like wood, long lasting like briquettes. The Olive Biomass Briquettes is a briquette shape fire log made from olive pomace (olive husk & pits). Briquettes can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications. Briquettes are suitable for wood burners and fireplaces but they perform best in heating stoves and boilers. Our olive husk fire logs can give more than 8 hours of consistent burning. Briquettes can be used together with firewood or as a separate fuel and an economical firelog alternative.

Biomass briquettes are dense, dry and have high energy per unit therefore they give a hotter, longer and more controllable burn than the regular firewood logs. The olive eco friendly heat briquettes are chemical free, made of only natural biomass  with no artificial additives or glues used in the production. Ecological olive logs are produced using a high pressure RUF briquetting system. RUF GmbH is the global leader in the development and manufacture of sophisticated industrial briquetting systems for more than 40 years.

Packaged biomass briquettes are convenient to use. Briquettes contain almost no moisture, are easy to handle and take up less space to store. There is no dirt, no dust, no bugs and each piece is perfectly sized for easy and clean handling.

2. Product Specifications

 Size, dimensions:    Height: 9 cm ,
Length: 25 cm
 Shape:    Briquette, brick
RUF briquette
 Weight: Small : 1.5 kg
Large: 2.5 kg
 Moisture (humidity) :  ~ 10%
 Ash content  :  (550 ± 10) °C.  5,7 %

2. Product Details

 Classification:                         Biomass briquettes for home heating
 Usage: Burning, heating, cooking. Recommended for household usage.
Suitable for heating appliences, heating systems,  wood stoves, open fire, fireplaces
 Burn characteristics: TIME - Glows steadily for 6-8 hours
Heat Output (Calorific value): 5200 -5550 KWh per ton
Energy Output: 19-20 KJ/ Kg
 Material: Olive pomace ( olive pits & husk), agricultural residue, natural biomass
 Quality : High quality compacted biomass fuel
 Available quantity: We can supply large quantities
3000 tons/ year  with the possibility to double production to 6000-7000 tons / year

4. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Olive biomass briquettes are offered in 10 kg packs containing 4 briquettes/pieces each. The packed briquettes are protected from rain and moisture with a recyclable PE shrink wrap, strech foil. Packed briquettes are easy to handel and very convenient to store. Packs are organised on pallets or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail: large quantities are available from May 2015. Samples are available at the customer's request. Contact us for more details.


fire, firelogs, briquettes for heating, biomass briquettes4. Product Features

  natural charcoal briquette  STABLE , HIGH QUALITY
We use the highest quality dry raw materials in a RUF briquetting press to ensure consistent high quality briquettes, which burn clean for a long time.
  natural charcoal briquette  ENVIRONEMNTAL FRIENDLY
Natural briquettes are made from an abundant source of  biomass. The olive pomace, olive cake is natural, ecological, readily available and sustainable.
We do not use any chemical additives and adhesives.
  natural charcoal briquette ECONOMICAL FUEL  
Briquettes pack more potential energy per unit becouse they feature a higher density than wood logs. This means that you will need fewer briquettes to achieve the same heating capacity. Briquettes take up less space for the fuel they contain which translates into savings also on transportaion costs.

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