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biomass, olive, energy, olive biomass, olive biomass fuel, biomass olive, olive pomace, olive waste, olive biomass products, briquettes, grill charcoal, heatingOlivketts is the leading provider of olive  biomass in Europe. Our main business is sourcing and supplying large quanities of high quality olive biomass, olive residue, olive cake, olive pits and olive pomace. Our clients are large industrial factories that use solid olive biomass within coal fired power stations.

The olive biomass based consumer goods are our new segment. Olive biomass is a versatile and abundant material that can be successfully converted into other types of solid energy carriers like pellets, briquettes for heating and BBQ charcoal briquettes. We are continuously looking for innovative methods to upgrade biomass.

Services includes business development for  renewable energy projects and for new generation, high energy, biomass fuels.


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