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Olive Biomass and Biomass Fuels

Biomass is energy. Why waste it? Use it !

biomass, olive, olive biomass, olive biomass fuel, biomass products, biomass olive, olive biomass products, heat briquettes, grill charcoal, Olive biomass is a renewable energy and sustainable fuel source. Biomass olive has many possible efficient uses. The olive pits and kernel/ olive cake can be upgraded to other types of solid energy carriers like pellets, briquettes and charcoal.
Sustainable, low-carbon biomass, like the olive biomass, olive pomace can provide a significant fraction of the new energy infrastructure. The interest in biomass resources is growing first of all to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and second to protect our living environment. 88,9% of the renewable heat and about 20% of the renewable electricity in Europe is currently provided by biomass according to the European Biomass Association.

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Olive Biomass to Energy


Biomass power, biomass energy is carbon neutral electricity and useful heat generated from fast renewing organic residues that would be otherwise dumped or landfilled. Science and technology have made revolutionary changes in the world and resulted in a modern energy infrastructure. Biomass co-firing offers the possibility for renewable energy generation and a potential for net reduction in CO2 emissions without substantially increasing capital costs and infrastructure investments. Olivketts Handels GmbH is the leading provider of olive biomass, olive cake,olive pomace biomass, olive kernel and pits biomass for the heavy industry in Europe.The residual biomass of olive processing is favored for industial energy generation becouse it presents a lot of advantages from an energy point of view.

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Advantages of Olive Biomass

 natural charcoal briquette   It has an ensured annual production.
natural charcoal briquette    It has high calorific value 5.2- 5.6 kWwh/kg
natural charcoal briquette    It has high density, very concentrated fuel
natural charcoal briquette    It has proper humidity conditions : 9-10%
natural charcoal briquette     It is a carbon clean, renewable fuel source


Biomass Olive Sustainability

100% natural, 100% recycled, sustainable

 Sustainability of bioenergy carriers measures how well a biomass energy source can meet the massive energy need and expectations of the current energy environment without depleting the source and jeopardizing future generations to meet their needs. A sustainable energy source is naturally replenished on a constant manner and is able to continuously provide energy without causing long- term damage to the environment.

Olive Biomass is a 100% sustainable source of energy. Currently there are no official standardized EU Norms for olive biofuels and olive biomass but it is possible to use the General European Sustainability Criteria and the existing DIN/EN standards for wood pellets, wood chips as a point of reference.



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